About Us

Neothings, Inc. was established in 2005 in La Mesa, CA. In 2007 we moved to our current location in El Cajon, CA. We are a privately owned California corporation.

NeoPro is our brand of video distribution and matrix switch products that we sell through the custom installation sales channel. For further information on our products, please visit the NeoPro site. NeoPro products are made in the USA, something we are very proud of. From our sheet metal fabricators, to circuit board assembly, to product build and quality assurance, we build it here in southern California.

Our product design team is not only available for NeoPro, but also to you. We can help take that napkin based idea through to an award winning finished product, using the same demanding standards that we develop NeoPro products with.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to working with you.
Bill Paul, CEO
Neothings, Inc.